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What kind of equipment do you use?

We use only top of the line camera gear and Scott always has something new on the wish list! Our 21 megapixel cameras will blow you away with unbelievable detail and our selection of highest quality lenses offer the best optics available. We bring all of our studio equipment to every wedding because as much as you plan for an event you never know what comes up! It's a little more work but we have found it's well worth the lugging!

How many photos can I expect?

Quality always comes before quantity. And as with anything else, more doesn't always mean better and the same is true for photographs. Having said that, we have two photographers at each wedding no matter how big or intimate. We don't want to miss a moment! A full day of photography (7 hrs) can typically yield 400-500 final retouched photos for you and this is after a thorough and professional edit.

Do you travel?

Yes! We love to travel, we've been from Hawaii to Florida!

Do you prefer color or black & white?

It depends on the picture and really comes down to personal taste. However, the good news is that we shoot everything in raw so we don't have to decide in the moment whether a photo should be color or black and white. We can also add several digital touches and have a variety of different custom filters too.

Who will be photographing my wedding?

As we mentioned, we always have two photographers at each wedding. Both Scott and Colleen will be there! We never outsource our weddings or double-book. We will only schedule one wedding per day and often one over the course of a weekend. Photography is not a hobby for us, it's capturing the moment during the most important time of your life! We like to make sure we're at our best and have plenty of time to prepare for your special day.

What's included in my package?

Every bride and groom receives custom service. Consultations are provided and free! We want you to be confident that your day will be stress free! After the wedding, Scott and Colleen review all photographs from the day. We then individually enhance each image. We then pick our favorite photos and apply digital magic to each one individually. We do not use Picasa but instead the latest version of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Once retouched, photos are available via Flickr with our logo. Once you say, "We love it." We include hi- resolution photographs on DVD. These are the full resolution JPEG files without compression or watermarks. We will provide you with two DVDs (unless you request more) as well as the photo release. You will then have the options to have YOUR photos printed at your leisure and at the location of your choice. We recommend a few places, but really it's up to you!

What makes LeisureFoto different?

You've seen our work, but haven't received our high quality service. Scott and Colleen have a true passion for photography and family. We want to celebrate all of the important times of life with you! We rely completely on word of mouth so if you're thrilled, we're sure you'll pass the word. Referrals are a huge compliment!

How long after my wedding do I have to wait until I get to see my photos?

Immediately following the wedding we will retouch a few favorite photos and post them to our Facebook page and blog. The typical wedding takes about 2 weeks to process all of the final images. We pride ourselves on the quality rather than speed so please be patient, it will be worth the wait!

What is your payment policy?

LeisureFoto asks for a $150 deposit when you book us for the day of your wedding. This allows us to hold your day as far in advance as you are ready to plan for your wedding. Final payment is due 1 week before the day of your wedding. Credit Cards or Checks are accepted. Please make all check out to Colleen Riggle.

How about if we ask you to stay overtime on the day of our wedding?

Our hourly charge is $99 per hour for each hour that we stay overtime. If your event runs overtime we won't leave you high and dry without a photographer! Just let us know and we will be happy to stay!

What does your team wear?

We dress in all black business attire (unless you request otherwise) so that we can blend into the background. We pride ourselves on being invisible so the focus can solely be on you. This helps us ensure we are capturing the moment of you and your guests!

Can I provide you with a list of shots that I really want from the day?

Pinterest is all the rage! And what sets us apart from other photographers is being able to capture those "pinterest-like" moments without re-creating them. We also provide you with our recommended portraits list so feel free to customize for your particular family and friends. While every wedding is unique if you have any special ideas in mind, please share! You could say we're traditional photographers in a sense where we don't use any props or over the top instagram-ish filtering.

Do you only photograph weddings?

Definitely not! While we love weddings, we acknowledge a broad range of experience makes for a stronger portfolio. In addition to weddings, we love portraits, head shots and all types of commercial photography.